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“MIB meal plans and training have helped me lose 75 pounds and helped me build a lifestyle that works even with my busy schedule.” -Kimberly

“MIB is like a great cup of espresso roast: a shot of wellness wisdom, a jolt to get me jumping and a spoonful of mojo to keep me smiling and feeling good all day.”   -Bill

“The meal plans have been a great way to try new foods and keep me out of a diet rut.” -Kristy

“As a 40+ business manager, MIB allows me to focus on heart health and overall fitness through an interesting and varied exercise regimen.” -Robert

“Great info from experienced professionals and educators.” -Anne Marie

“The combined knowledge of nutrition and physiology allow MIB to train and teach with the overall well-being of the client as the overarching goal.  MIB has made a very positive impact in my life, in a relatively short time, and will in yours too when given the chance.” -Gerald
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